Student Thanks Parents for VCE Success

12th December, 2016

Karli Kulbars from Girton Grammar School in Bendigo has just received outstanding VCE results but she says she could not have done it without her parents.

“My parents have supported me for all of my School years.

“I spent hours teaching mum or dad what I was doing in a class as a form of revision.

“My friends have been there too, for when I needed a good laugh, always cracking the right jokes when needed,” Karli said.

Karli has studied Physics, Math’s Methods, Chemistry, English and History for VCE and although she has found Chemistry difficult, it has been one of her favourite subjects.

“My Chemistry teacher, Mr Waldron, was able to make classes fun and exciting and when you finally understand the concept it’s an amazing feeling.

“Even though he was just my chemistry teacher, Mr Waldron was much more, providing the confidence boost I needed before a Methods SAC, lending me awesome books on nuclear physics and just being a fun teacher.

“My History teacher, Mrs McCulloch was also a stand out. She so genuinely cares about her students and will always make time if needed,” Karli said.

Karli said it was really important in VCE to ask for help and to aim for your personal best, whatever that is.

“Teachers aren’t there to make it hard for you, they want you to do the best you can, so just ask.

“Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, you can only do your best and if you don’t get the mark you want there are always alternative pathways. You might even discover something new that you want to do.

“Chocolate helps too!” she said.

Pictured: Karli Kulbars with Mother and Father, Vicki and Darren Kulbars and sister, Jemma.