Girton Student Aiming High

Emma Blackford loves heights and is studying Math’s Methods and Physics, which is fortunate given that she is aiming to acquire an Air Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) to fly passenger aircraft.

Emma is currently in Year 10 at Girton Grammar School and has had an interest in flying for as long as she can remember.

“I’ve had a fascination for anything that goes up since I began learning to read.

“My father would bring home books regarding the space race. He enthralled me with a vinyl he had with the audio transcript of the Apollo 11 mission on it.

“To this day, I still have a genuine interest in NASA and its achievements. This not only started and kindled my passion in aviation and aircraft, but has led to my decision to follow my love as a career, hopefully with a large airline,” she said.

Emma has already received a Scholarship from the Bendigo Flying Club and went solo after 7.6 hours of flying. She has already passed three of her five exams and needs to complete Maths Methods and Physics in VCE in order to gain a cadetship.

“I feel that Girton will provide me with the best chance to achieve VCE results that will stand me apart.

“Although no ATAR is dictated when applying for a cadetship, excellent results that stand out would really help my cause,” she said.

Emma said that the most important thing for anyone wanting to become a pilot is the ability to listen intently to verbal instructions, a calm and collected head and a love for both aircraft and heights.

“My first solo flight was on a hot day and dealing with thermals when landing was the most shocking part of the experience.

“Taking off will always give me a euphoric feeling, to watch the ground grow distant and clouds closer.

“To my surprise I was very relaxed with the experience, the worry kicking in only after I had landed and taxied off the runway, to the hangar,” Emma said.


Girton Grammar student Emma Blackford after her first scholarship flying lesson