The co-academic programs of Co-Curriculum, Pastoral Care and Personal Development in their various forms sit alongside, and are integrally entwined with the academic curriculum, as the major pillars of education at Girton Grammar School.

Basketball 2The Co-Academic programs are not an optional extra for students, parents or staff, but are at the core of our educational philosophy.

Aims of the Co-Curriculum:

  • provision of an environment where the pastoral care of students is paramount
  • provision of caring teachers who have the vision and leadership to assist in the development of each student to attain their best and to become fine citizens
  • provision of a diverse but sustainable range of activities in sport, the arts, hobbies, outdoor education, service and leadership

The co-curriculum program provides our students with opportunities for personal growth through a variety of activities. Involvement in the co-curriculum allows students to build friendships and develop team work with other Girton students and it is this relationship with students, teachers and parents within the Girton Community that helps develop a positive connectedness to the school.  Over time students develop their leadership skills through opportunities which exist to coach or manage junior teams.

At Girton Grammar our co-curriculum activities from Years Preparatory to 12 cater for students with a range of interests. Currently we offer sixty co-curriculum activities from which students can choose.

These activities are offered in the following areas:

    • Leadership
    • Public Speaking
    • Sport
    • Community Service
    • Performing Arts

Each co-curriculum activity has a staff member as its Manager in Charge (MiC).  Some activities, particularly the team sports, also have coaches, student leaders and team managers. Students who achieve excellence in the co-curriculum program are eligible to be awarded with ‘Colours’, in recognition of their skill and contribution to the activity.