The Learning Resource Centre

Performing Arts BuildingThe Learning Resource Centre is a resource for all students, teachers and parents.  Students with specific academic needs are referred to specialist Learning Resource Centre staff, who test the student, make suggestions to the teaching staff regarding suitable approaches and methods and often work with these students on an individual or group basis. The focus is on early intervention.

Support classes are provided for students in the following areas: Literacy, Numeracy and other approved special programs. Students with disabilities are appointed a case manager and students with Aides are co-ordinated through this department.  Profiles are written for students with a disability or difficulty.  These include strengths, concerns and recommendations for teaching.  They are placed on the School System and accessible to the students’ teachers.  Other data is also available.

Another part of the Learning Resource Centre role is the whole secondary school teaching of time management, organisation, study skills and examination techniques, using brain-based educational information and methods. Individual students are also assisted as needs arise. Publications and planners are produced to support the teaching of these skills.

The Learning Resource Centre has an impact on the whole school, from Preparatory to Year 12.