Assessment Schedule


The ways in which teachers assess and report on student progress have a profound influence on student learning.  At Girton Grammar School the assessment policy has been designed to support our beliefs about learning and teaching.  It aims to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide the basis for effective teaching.

In practical terms this means that students do not receive a single grade for any subject.  In place of such a grade, each student receives a number of grades which report directly upon the skill level achieved.  The specific skills will obviously differ in different subjects but there is an overall emphasis on the core skills of reading, writing and numeracy.  Students are also encouraged to develop their creativity and cultural awareness.

Throughout the year the teachers of Years 7 to 10 build up a written profile of each student’s skill level and intellectual development.  These profiles (which are regularly updated) form the basis of written and oral reports to parents.


Parents of Years 7 to 11 students will receive an Interim Report from most of their subject teachers at the end of Terms One and Three. At the end of each semester parents will then be provided with full reports (including commentary) for all subjects undertaken. These reports provide parents with their child’s achievements in a range of behavioural and subject related skills. Results for academic achievements are reported using a percentage and a student’s effort and dedication to study are reported using a series of statements that reflect the child’s approach towards their studies.

The scores for School Assessed Coursework and School Assessed Tasks in the VCE reports are un-moderated and should be used as an indicator only. These scores may be adjusted by the VCAA using Statistical Moderation which is applied to all School Assessments conducted under the VCAA regulations.