Sports Excellence Program

The Girton Grammar Sports Excellence Programme has been designed by experts to suit the growing and changing needs of young bodies.

As the human body develops, it follows a relatively predictable unfolding of neuromuscular coordination. When this pattern of development is well understood, appropriate training can be tailored to suit an individual athlete’s body, to promote optimal performance in strength and coordination.

On this basis, the Girton Sports Excellence Programme is like no other. It is specifically designed to meet the training needs of individual athletes within any chosen sport and consists of three general levels – Foundation (Years 5 – 8), Elite (Years 9 and 10) and High Performance (Years 11 and 12).

Participants progress through the Foundation Levels (1 – 4) as they attain the strength, mobility, co-ordination and movement patterns to allow them to move safely to the next level.

The Foundation Level of the Girton Sports Excellence Programme is informed by the latest study of human locomotion which shows that how well we move is a function of appropriate diaphragm activation, along with the integration of information coming from our eye and inner ear systems.

Important elements of the Girton Grammar Sports Excellence Foundation Programme are:

Every child’s body is different, so athlete development is tailored

Both physical fitness and psychological wellbeing are equally important

Primary focus is on motor skill and strength

Physical conditioning is targeted to reduce injury in specific sports

Monitoring and assessment are used for every participant

Progression through the programme is systematic from one level to the next

Entry criteria

Any student in Years 5 to 8 can apply to enter the Girton Sports Excellence Foundation Programme. Applicants simply need to have a passion for sport and a desire to be part of a programme that is focussed on the acquisition of correct functionality of movement to optimise strength and performance.

Students can join at any stage; however, they will be provided with exercises that are appropriate for their skill set. The progressions that are followed are methodically completed to ensure students increase their understanding of, and competency in, the movements. Students are only prescribed increasingly difficult exercises when deemed capable, and this approach is at the core of the programme.

The annual cost of the Foundation Level for new students to the programme is $200, whilst students continuing their involvement will be charged $230 annually. The discrepancy in pricing is a result of testing (Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Y Balance Screen), which will occur on two occasions throughout the year. Physical maturation testing will also be undertaken to predict peak height velocity of all our athletes.

All funds go directly to equipment, testing and production of the specialist training programmes that are used in the classes.

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