New era of leadership begins at Girton on 30th anniversary Foundation Day

16th May 2023

On Friday 12th May, almost 1,200 members of the Girton community came together at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo to celebrate Girton Grammar School’s annual Foundation Day Church Service.

This year marked a particularly momentous occasion – the 30th anniversary of the School since its remarkable revival in 1993.

In the presence of Founding School leaders and Board members, past and present teachers, staff, students, and parents, Girton’s new Principal, Dr Emma O’Rielly and Deputy Principal, Mr Jay Weston were formally inducted during the ceremony, heralding a new era of leadership for the School.

“It is a profound privilege to be inducted into this prestigious institution, particularly in the presence of the visionary Founders of Girton Grammar School whose unwavering commitment to education paved the path for our collective pursuit of knowledge today,” said Dr O’Rielly.

“Furthermore, I am deeply honoured to be formally inducted alongside Mr Jay Weston as the new Principal and Deputy Principal. We embark on this journey, carrying the torch of our predecessors, with a shared commitment to nurturing excellence, fostering innovation, and instilling values that will guide our students towards success and fulfillment.”

“I am truly humbled to be part of this incredible School community, and I am confident that, together, we will continue to shape the lives of our students, honouring the rich legacy of Girton Grammar School for years to come,” Dr O’Rielly said.

During the service, Mr Weston retold the extraordinary story of the resurrection of Girton Grammar by the Friends of Girton in 1993, after the sudden announcement that Girton College would close at the end of the 1992 academic year after serving students in the Bendigo region for 108 years.

“The analogy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes has often been used to describe the Girton Grammar School story,” Mr Weston reflected. “In Greek mythology the Phoenix was described as having a colour and vibrancy that set it apart from other birds. Many of those closest to the Girton Grammar School story would insist that this analogy is more than apt to this day.”

“Tonight, as we celebrate the past 30 years, it is with immense pride, I declare that Girton Grammar School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, preparing our students to make a positive impact on the world and empowering them to soar to the stars.”

The beautiful contribution of Girton’s Arts Department created a harmonious musical tribute to the 30 Year Anniversary of Girton Grammar School’s Foundation Day.

The celebration resonated with a profound sense of unity and shared pride, reinforcing the School’s enduring impact on generations of students, parents, and educators.

Relive the incredible story of the fight fought by the Founders in 1992 to keep the Girton heartbeat alive in “The Girton Grammar Story,” a documentary released by the School earlier this month.