VCE Results a Team Effort

14th December, 2015

Year 12 Girton Grammar School student, Claudia Crawford, has thanked her parents, family and friends for the ATAR score that she received this morning, which will allow her to apply for Medicine at Monash University.Claudia Crawford from Girton Grammar sits at the family dining room table where she studied for VCE

“I feel as though my ATAR truly reflects the immense support and encouragement I have received from so many people over the last two years,” Claudia said.

“My teachers all provided constant support and were always available if I needed their help.

“My French teacher, Madame Tonkin, in particular, has been so supportive and encouraging over the last two years and she really inspired me to keep going with French.

“She always made class enjoyable and interesting, so it never truly felt like hard work.

“Mum and Dad have been amazing, as have my friends. We’ve all been on the Year 12 journey together,” she said.

Claudia said that she managed the stress of VCE by going for runs to stay fit and by catching up with friends often, to socialise and support one another.

“Certain aspects of the school culture, such as the staff versus student netball match also provided opportunities for myself and my peers to relax a little and have some fun throughout the year,” she said.

Claudia studied English Language, Maths Methods, Chemistry and French this year and completed Biology and Further Maths in Year Eleven. She said she would advise any future VCE students to really maximise study periods.

“Our library and study rooms are open late, so I often stayed after school for a few hours to study, which enabled me to take the night off at home to relax and recharge.

“Girton really pushes you to achieve your best and to work as hard as possible.

“I am so grateful for the endless opportunities I have been granted during my time as a Girtonian,” Claudia said.