Success in Science Olympiad

26th October 2017

Congratulations to the students who sat the national Science Olympiad examinations with 6,000 other science students around the country.

Outstanding results were achieved in the 2 hour examination and students received their certificates in assembly today:

Credit certificate (top 50% of participants):
Hally Nyhus (11 Millward) for Biology
Harrishman Shobanan (11 Riley) for Biology
Evelyn Crawford (10 Jenkin) for Chemistry

Distinction Award (top 30% of participants):
Alexander O’Shea (12 Aherne) for Chemistry
Jarrod Slot (11 Aherne) for Chemistry
Sankalpa Gamage (11 Jenkin) for Chemistry
Josephine Gullan (11 Frew) for Biology
Rivani Porwal (11 Millward) for Biology
Jordan Rogers (10 Millward) for Earth & Environmental Science

High Distinction (top 10% of participants):
Sankalpa Gamage (11 Jenkin) for Biology
Prue Whiteley (11 Riley) for Biology
Joe Flexmore (11 Jones) for Biology
Alexander O’Shea of 12 Aherne for Biology and for Earth & Environmental Science

Well done to all.