Pub for Sale!

2nd November 2021


“Pub for sale” is not something you see every day in school correspondence; however, the end of an era is upon us, and the Girton “pub” where, most recently, our Technology classes have been housed will be sold.

While the heritage-listed building on the corner of High and Vine Streets, which was originally a pub, has served a range of functions within the school for many years, the time has come to safely relocate Technology classes onto the Senior School campus, alleviating the need for students to cross a major road to attend class. The relocation will also help address the issue of reduced class time that results from students sometimes taking up to ten minutes to arrive at their Technology classes in the pub.

Technology students will soon benefit from vastly improved and more conveniently located learning spaces by relocating to the ground floor of the Performing Arts (PA) building in the Senior School.

The Golden Gate Hotel was purchased in 1995 to provide Girton boarders with a kitchen and meals area. When boarding ceased in 2008, the building accommodated a growing number of students and provided four additional general-purpose learning areas. It has subsequently been used for Language classes, and since 2014 the pub has been used for teaching Technology subjects, housing state of the art equipment and featuring an open plan work area.

With 75 per cent of the fastest-growing occupations now requiring STEM skills and knowledge, we hope that improved visibility of Technology classes on the Senior School campus helps inspire more students into subjects such as Product Design and Systems Engineering.  We look forward to our Technology students, and their incredible work being suitably integrated into the Senior School.