Phew; Relieved But Missing School Already

14th December, 2015
Year 12 Girton Grammar School student, Matilda Gibbs, said that 2015 has been a huge year and she is relieved it is officially over but it has also been a great year of friendships and growth.

Matilda studied English, Maths Methods, Psychology, Chemistry, Theatre Studies and Drama and her dream would be to do a degree in Theatre Practice at the Victorian College of Arts.

“The Performing Arts program at Girton Grammar is really strong and we were given so many opportunities to take to the stage and master our craft.

“My Theatre Studies teacher, Mr Nick Pease, was incredibly inspirational and so helpful, as was my English teacher, Mrs Caryn Clark.

“Taking part in the School theatrical performances was an important stress outlet for me, as was being on the netball team.

“I’m already missing the daily routine of school and seeing my friends and teachers each day, but I’m also really excited about the next chapter in my life,” Matilda said.

Matilda said that creating a work schedule and sticking to it was a really good idea for Year 12 as well as maintaining and strengthening relationships with both teachers and peers.

“It’s a tough year and support within the school and from friends will help you as you complete the year.

“I really admire the commitment and dedication of the staff at the school who make the welfare and education of students a priority.

“Girton has helped me achieve my best this year because of the commitment and dedication demonstrated by teachers. They were so willing to fit their schedule into mine and provided me with really helpful advice about the end-of-year examinations,” Matilda said.