Girton student volunteers shine at Mother’s Day Classic Bendigo

Girton Grammar School proudly commends its 23 enthusiastic students who dedicated their time and support as volunteers at the highly anticipated Mother’s Day Classic Bendigo event on Sunday 14th May.

Their commitment and energy contributed to the resounding success of the morning.

Event organisers were full of praise for our student volunteers, with one expressing admiration on social media: “Girton Grammar School makes for the best volunteers! I initially told them they could finish at 10:30am, but they were adamant about staying until 11am. Thanks to these incredible students, you are truly the best!”

The willingness of our students to go above and beyond exemplifies their strong sense of community spirit.

Their efforts were instrumental in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Mother’s Day Classic Bendigo, allowing participants and attendees to feel supported and encouraged throughout the event.

Well done!