Girton Students Enlighten Bendigo

As part of the recent Festival of Cultures held in Bendigo, Girton Grammar students took part in the “Enlighten” project, featuring cinema style projection of artwork, digital media and animations onto prominent buildings around Bendigo.

This public art project was completely designed and run by youth from all over Bendigo and was aimed at helping Bendigo residents explore cultural diversity in their community.

Girton Arts and Digital Media students produced a video featuring a range of their artwork complete with an electronic music score under the guidance of teachers Ms Carol Knowles and Mr John Phillips. The work featured on one of the two main screening areas near Rosalind Park.

The video and photographs taken on the night can be viewed on Girton’s YouTube Channel:

The students involved gained a greater awareness of cultural and faith issues in Bendigo and the need for tolerance and acceptance in the community. They have also gained skills and knowledge in creative and technical areas and have a deeper appreciation of how the fusion of art, media, words and technology can extend their reach and communicate their ideas in a compelling way.

The following Girton students made major contributions to this important media arts project:

Production of the Video presentation:

Yasmin Harith Brewer – Video editing, Bryce Apsey – Animation, Elvis Walsh  – Electronic Music Score, Nicholas Gamble – Digital Images and Volunteer assistance to the City Council Audio Visual team.

Art Contributions and Images:

Johanne Poulsen; Elvis Walsh; Tessa McNaulty; Nicholas Gamble; Iona Marsden-Sweeney; Cara Humphry; Ebony Watts; Bryce Apsey; Amelia Beaton; Mitchell Bourke; Nathan Patarica; Yasmin Harith Brewer

Images from the Bendigo Festival of Cultures:

enlighten 1

enlighten 2

enlighten 3