New Year 6 Class: Term 3, 2019

22nd May 2019

A Soft Landing Into Secondary School

One of the most important factors in successful student transition to Secondary School is the relationship between Primary and Secondary schools.

Owing to demand, a new Year 6 class will commence in Term 3 this year at Girton Grammar School.

We warmly invite current Year 6 students to enrol in our vibrant Junior School for a seamless transition to the Girton Grammar Senior School in 2020.

Research shows that a well planned and co-ordinated transition to Secondary School can:

  • Make a significant difference to student achievement
  • Improve engagement in schooling after commencement in Year 7
  • Minimise school absence rates
  • Improve student connectedness to school

Call the Registrar to find out more about the new Year 6 class and how you can help your child move seamlessly to their Secondary School setting. Phone: (03) 5441 3114