World Challenger’s Prepare to Travel

19th June 2018

Girton Grammar students, who are taking part in a World Challenge trip to India, were today working in groups to define roles and responsibilities that they will undertake, in preparation for their 4-week adventure.

The group of 40 students and staff have packed their bags and will fly to Delhi on Thursday 21st June for a brief stop, before the splitting into two groups, with one heading north and the other heading south.

World Challenge Expedition leader, Mikaela Foxworthy, along with Girton Grammar staff members, were working with their groups to ensure students understood responsibilities around leadership, accommodation, budget, transport, health and hygiene and rest and recreation. Each student will be responsible for their group in one of these areas, with the responsibility rotating between students in the group during the trip.

The groups will undertake projects to support local communities as well as undertaking activities such as hiking. The group travelling north will hike the Rantham Pass in the state of Uttarkhand and will sleep in tents and carry food.

The students are expected to raise their own funds to support their trip and are responsible for planning their own itinerary, arranging their accommodation and managing a group budget.


Students define responsibilities for their group: