Girton Lights Up a Life!

5th April 2022

The school was delighted this week to receive a photo of a happy recipient of one of the “SolarBuddy” lights that was assembled by Year 7 Girton students last year.

In recent years, Year 7 students have participated in an exciting technology-based initiative that helps them to learn about energy poverty, renewable energy and global citizenship.

The SolarBuddy School Program entails a full day incursion where students assemble portable, solar lights from a kit and donate the lights to children living in energy poverty throughout the South Pacific, South East Asia and Africa. SolarBuddy is a registered Australian charity aiming to reduce reliance on dangerous and unhealthy energy sources such as kerosene, diesel, wood and candles.

As part of the initiative, donors are required to write a letter to the recipient of the light they have assembled. Last year, “Charlie” (Charlie Laity, now 8 Aherne) put an enormous smile on her Solar Buddy’s face. (See below).

SolarBuddy research shows that with the solar light, children are spending an additional 78% of time studying in the evening, vastly improving educational and environmental outcomes. More information can be found at:

We are looking forward to continuing to immerse our students in this initiative which combines learning with practical application and intercultural understanding.