When Academics and Acting Collide



As a Year 11 winner of a VCE Premier’s Award for Systems Engineering, pitted against Year 12 students, it comes as little surprise that Lucas Phelps invented the candelabra’s that act as “Lumiere’s” hands in this year’s Senior School production of Beauty and The Beast.

Lucas says that Systems Engineering and Acting might not be at odds to the degree that people might imagine.

“The main assessment for Systems Engineering involves designing, planning, and building an electromechanical system. This process of working in fine detail on a single project is shared between both acting and Systems.

”Engineering comes more naturally to me than being on the stage but this doesn’t diminish my love for acting,” he said.

Lucas played a lead role in the 2015 production of The 39 Steps, which was his first time in a production so auditioning to be in this year’s production was a no-brainer for him.

”I had an amazing time performing in the production of The 39 Steps last year, and have always loved musicals.

“The dramatic community at Girton is so incredibly supportive allowing me to become much more confident and outgoing.

“I am slightly nervous about the forthcoming production but I would have to say that I am more excited than nervous because I love being on stage and performing,” Lucas said.

Lucas plans on having both Engineering and Acting in his life beyond school. He plans on studying either Science or Engineering but also wants to be involved in acting and drama at University. He says his only regret when it comes to Acting is having not become involved in productions at Girton much earlier.

“I encourage anyone to go out there and try acting. Everyone involved in a Girton production will tell you how much they get out of it and just how much fun it is,” he said.


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