Code Camp Coming to Bendigo

16th June, 2017

School children around Bendigo will have the chance to learn the language of computers by taking part in a three-day course designed to teach them how to build their own app.

“Code Camp” is coming to Bendigo, and for three days during the school holidays, children will have the chance to meet new friends and help each other to build an app designed to whatever specifications they can imagine.

City Director of Code Camp, Harold Quinones, said that the winter holidays are a perfect time for children to get involved with learning about computer coding and that young people soak up coding information as quickly as it can be dished out.

“The students at the Bendigo Code Camp will be part of a three-day course that more than 18,000 young Australians have already undertaken.

“Students will basically learn how to tell a computer what to do by creating a series of step-by-step instructions that allows the participant to build their very own app.

“Coding is great fun and involves a range of creative and logical skills including design and problem solving.

“The main satisfaction is in turning creative ideas into something that can actually be used for entertainment or for creating a range of other useful digital tools.

“Computer coding is no longer the domain of computer geeks but something that most school aged children are learning to do.

“Although not yet officially part of the academic curriculum in Victoria, coding is becoming increasingly important and many schools are supporting it in the classroom.

“Schools such as Girton Grammar also offer students a lunchtime Coding Club, which is a great way to introduce young children to the concepts of coding,” he said.

Code Camp in Bendigo will take place at Girton Grammar School on 3-5 July, 2017. The camp will be targeted to students from Grades 2 to 6 and is designed to suit students who have never designed an app. Girton Grammar will provide all the necessary equipment for the course and there will be supervised active lunchtime games.

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Photo : Year 5 teacher, Mr David Ruddick, with students during a lunchtime Programming Club session.