Community Service Students “Eat Up”

22nd November 2017

Founder of the not-for-profit charity, “Eat Up”, Lyndon Galea, will today join a group of Girton Grammar students who will be making packed lunches for disadvantaged schoolchildren around Bendigo.

As part of its Community Service programme, Girton Grammar students have connected with Eat Up and are dedicating time to making ready-made, healthy lunches for children from thirteen schools around Bendigo.

Head of Community Services at Girton Grammar School, Mrs Rachelle Fisher, said that Community Service students were excited today to be joined by the founder of Eat Up.

“This is the fourth session we have spent making sandwiches for several other school children around Bendigo that we are supporting.

“The students have made over 2,000 sandwiches so far for children who would otherwise not be having lunch at school.

“More than 100 Girton students have been involved in this worthwhile project which has a direct benefit on the lives of so many school children in our region,” Mrs Fisher said.

Eat Up provides lunch to schoolchildren who would not otherwise have food at school, free of charge.  Eat Up has been operating in Shepparton since 2013 and now delivers lunches to 185 schools in Melbourne and regional Victoria, including Bendigo. Lyndon Galea hopes to grow Eat Up into a national programme.

“I am very proud to work at a school where so many students generously give their time.

“I really believe that these young students understand how lucky they are and that therefore, they are all too happy to help those less fortunate than themselves,” Mrs Fisher said.