Top Science Students Go to Canberra

21st October, 2016


Two Girton Grammar School students have been selected to attend the elite Australian Science Olympiads Summer School, having achieved an outstanding performance in the qualifying exam in which almost 4,000 students took part.


Year 11 students Maya Mann and Jake Fletcher will join approximately 90 of Australia’s most talented science students at this intensive residential program and will be competing for a chance to represent Australia at the 2017 International Science Olympiads.


Headmaster of Girton Grammar School, Mr Matthew Maruff, said that this was the third year running that Girton had students selected for the elite summer school, held at The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.


“This program provides a great opportunity for students to live on a University campus and have access to lecturers, tutors, laboratories and support staff to help hone their theoretical and practical science skills.


“Previous Girton students have gone on to compete in the International Science Olympiads and received Silver medals, so a science culture is now well established in the school, partly thanks to this program,” Mr Maruff said.


During the Summer School, students learn the equivalent of a first year university course in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science or Physics. Based on their performance at the Australian Science Olympiads Summer School, students will be selected to represent Australia at the 2017 International Science Olympiads in Biology (United Kingdom), Chemistry (Thailand), Earth Sciences (France) and Physics (Indonesia).


“There is a slump in the number of students taking up science and seeing it through as a profession in this country. Teachers need ways of exciting young people beyond the classroom and this program gives students an authentic science experience.


“Maya and Jake are to be commended on their selection for this program in the Earth Science and Biology categories, and for undertaking intensive study over the summer holidays. We wish them well,” Mr Maruff said.


Maya Mann and Jake Fletcher off to Canberra: International Science Olympiads Summer School: