Mrs Maria Krelle

Life before Girton
After graduating from Girton Grammar school in 1993 (the school’s foundation year), I completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne (Honours in Italian). I majored in Japanese and Italian and dabbled in Economics and Japanese history. After completing this, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Melbourne. Later I commenced a Graduate Diploma in International Trade at Monash University.
Since completing my formal teachers training I have taught both in the Catholic and Public school systems in both Bendigo and Melbourne.
I have also enjoyed many years in the hospitality industry and was able to utilise my teaching skills in this capacity.

What I love about teaching
I adore those precious moments when students eyes light up and they are totally enthralled in learning. When a concept taught isn’t just a concept but is put into context and enriches how they see as themselves and the world around them.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?
I love all languages. I remember as a child visiting different places and being fascinated by the languages spoken around me. With a strong Italian heritage, learning language was exciting, important from a very young age and something we just did.
Teaching Japanese to students is a privilege. They start to appreciate that language assists in enabling us to explore and better understand different cultures and ways of life. It expands the student’s horizons and develops empathy. It also delivers wonderful opportunities to students who graduate and have the possibility to work abroad.

My favourite classroom activity
I really enjoy speaking activities. Enabling students to immerse themselves through speaking tasks is invigorating. Creating a special setting such as a restaurant, supermarket or school scenario and using targeted language is exciting for me and the students involved. It allows them to fully express themselves through speech and cultural gestures pertaining to Japan. This allows for a close to authentic experience for both the presenting students and those listening to their peers.

What difference can good teaching make?
I was fortunate enough to attend Girton College and later as a founding Year 12 student of Girton Grammar. I have experienced many wonderful, dedicated, caring teachers, whom to this day I continue to admire them for all their qualities.
Teachers are profoundly important role models and through good teaching practise, students learn
Not only how to enjoy but remain life long learners, stay positive and understand that through making mistakes and hard work, goals are met. At the same time, empathic and caring teachers are those who I believe are most enduring as they create an environment that allows all types of students to succeed.

Other Hats
I am the proud Manager of Under 10 Hawks boys Girton Basketball team. Although my basketball knowledge is limited, I am enjoying learning more about this wonderful team sport, and seeing another aspect to many students who I ordinarily only see in Japanese classes!
I am a mother of two boys and a daughter (including twins), a wife and a mother to Fluffy the cat and Finn the goldfish. Weekends are generally filled with cooking, taking walks and spending time with my family.