Mrs Cally Bartlett

Cally BARTLETTTeacher: Music & Assistant Head of Jenkin House

Life before Girton

Associate Diploma of Music in Cello Performance (AMusA)

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching (Honours)

Studied with Zoe Knighton (Melbourne University) and member of the Melbourne Youth Orchestra

Taught Strings at Mentone Boys Grammar, Our Lady of Sion College Box Hill and Castlemaine Secondary College

Classroom Music Teacher at Maldon Primary School and Newstead Primary School

What I Love about Teaching

I love sharing the joy of music with the next generation. It can make such a difference in student’s lives socially, emotionally and academically and is such a fun activity to be involved in. Teaching to me has a defined moral and social purpose, and it is important to grow our sense of community and our place within it.

I love the collegiality of working at Girton. Both staff and students are supportive and fun to be around, and there is satisfaction in collaborating on a wide variety of projects.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

I love Music as a subject because of all the ways it can have an effect on your life. Music has an amazing ability to move us, help us feel and deal with our emotions and help the world make sense. It is truly a universal language. Playing and understanding Music as a language is deeply interesting and exciting.

Music can give students a sense of place within their community. You do not have to be a professional musician to be involved in the community at large, and join a community band, orchestra or choir.

My favourite classroom activity

Definitely encouraging creativity through Music Composition in VCE Music Style and Composition. This allows students to show the music theory skills that they have learned, as well as express a creative intention and see it through to realisation in a performance setting.

Students not only get a sense of accomplishment through this activity, but often surprise themselves with what can be achieved. It is so exciting to watch a composition come to life with live musicians and to watch students reactions to hearing their music live for the first time.

What difference can good teaching make?

I believe a successful student should have a strong work ethic. Natural ability will quickly be overtaken by a student who strives to understand and work on their own skills and abilities. I try to encourage my students to take a proactive approach to their own education, as it will serve them well to be interested in learning throughout any career that they choose.

Other Hats

The co-curricular activities that I run at Girton are: Senior String Orchestra, Chamber Music and Super Strings in the Junior School.

Outside of work, music is still my passion. I am the Musical Director of the City of Greater Bendigo Brass Band, and am very proud of the history and involvement in the community of this group. I also play in many local productions and performances where possible.

Other than music I am interested in photography and my husband and I are currently owner building our own house.