Mrs Allison Crickmore

Life before Girton

  • BA Dip Ed
  • University of New England, Armidale
  • St Joseph’s College – Broken Hill
  • MDA Mooroolbark

Taught at Billanook College, Mooroolbark

What I Love about Teaching

That every day is different and that no matter how prepared or organised I think I am, something usually happens to make me rethink plans, I have to keep on my toes and not become complacent.

The students.

That I learn alongside and from the students and sometimes the students learn from me. It is always rewarding when I see a light bulb moment.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

I teach English which is compulsory. I like getting students to think for themselves, introducing them to new ideas through literature, films and the media.

Getting students to realise it is not just about reading but learning from what others may have experienced.

My favourite classroom activity

I don’t have a particular one, I like to vary what I do according to the needs of the class. Group discussion is always a good teaching tool, making students articulate their viewpoints and then having to explain or justify their views

What difference can good teaching make?

An active learner who doesn’t expect to be spoon fed and is able to challenge that with which they are presented.

That the student leaves the classroom working to the best of their ability yet being prepared to do more.

Other Hats

Leo Club, Community Service