We’re Going to Knock on Your Door

10th May 2018

Girton Grammar School will again take part in the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and this year, has gone hi-tech.

The school has developed an online tool that enables students to select the geographic area where they plan to door knock on behalf of the Salvation Army. The digital tool allows students to sign-up for a specific targeted area so that students do not overlap in their fundraising efforts.

Headmaster at Girton Grammar School, Mr Matthew Maruff, said that Girton had been supporting the annual Red Shield Appeal for many years.

“Community service is highly valued and strongly encouraged at Girton and it is inspiring to see the students volunteering their time to help raise money for the Salvation Army and for those in need.

“This year, our students will collect in 70 areas around Bendigo and approximately 300 students will be knocking on doors in Bendigo and Castlemaine. Students will collect in groups of 4 to 6 with two VCE leaders.

“Through our Community Services program, our students are involved in many initiatives that support those less fortunate than themselves,” Mr Maruff said.

Girton Grammar School raised nearly $10,000 during last year’s appeal and in 2015 raised more money than any other School in Victoria. The Girton Grammar Junior School has red piggy-banks in their classrooms for the month of May, where children put their change from lunch orders and this money will be added to the school’s total fundraising efforts.

“We are pleased to support a charity that provides services in the Bendigo region such as the provision of drug and alcohol abuse programs, support for domestic violence and family breakdown assistance,” Mr Maruff said.