Girton Grammar School launches Victoria’s first immersive Lumination Learning Lab to revolutionise student learning

Friday 3rd March


Girton Grammar School in Bendigo will make history by becoming the first school in Victoria to unveil a Lumination Learning Lab, a cutting-edge educational space that utilises advanced technology and interactive experiences to enhance student learning.

With state-of-the-art tools such as virtual reality and augmented reality, the immersive Lumination Learning Lab will offer students the opportunity to solve real-world problems and develop critical skills that are highly valued in the workplace. By fostering creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork, the Lab is designed to empower students and enhance their learning experiences.

“We are thrilled to announce our investment in an immersive learning lab at Girton Grammar School, making us the first School in Victoria to pioneer a Lumination Learning Lab in the classroom,” said Dr Emma O’Rielly, Principal at Girton Grammar School.

“Our School takes great pride in striving for excellence and being at the forefront of education. The decision to build this virtual learning space represents a major step forward in ensuring our students are prepared with the necessary skills for success in a rapidly evolving world.”

The Lab will be constructed by immersive technology company, Lumination, built in a classroom within a newly refurbished building on Girton’s Senior School campus, and will be unveiled at the start of Term 3 this year.

Lumination was founded in South Australia in 2016 with the goal of disrupting the conventional classroom. Since then, the company has worked with tens of thousands of schools across Australia to provide access to virtual and augmented reality.

“Girton Grammar School is taking the first mover advantage in Victoria, equipping its students with immersive technology that enables them to build the skills needed for the current, and future, workforce,” says Shai Coggins, Learning Design Lead at Lumination. “By immersing these students in real-world scenarios directly connected to the curriculum, their engagement increases, and they have an opportunity to develop the key ‘human’ skills they need to succeed.”

Lumination has over 20 Labs in use or in progress across Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales and is rapidly expanding into the defence, government and enterprise sectors.

“Through the Lumination Learning Lab, our students will learn how to explore, innovate, and collaborate with cutting-edge technology,“ said Dr O’Rielly.

“We’re excited to witness the achievements and limitless potential our students will realise as a result of this virtual learning facility.”

The launch of Girton’s immersive Lumination Learning Lab will be an exciting milestone for Girton Grammar School and students. Girton invites members of the media to attend a launch event in July (date TBC) and share our excitement about this innovative addition to our School. To learn more about Girton’s Lumination Learning Lab and the unveiling event in July 2023, please contact Olivia Zan on 03 5441 3114 or email


About Lumination: Lumination is a world leader in immersive technology, creating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) software to revolutionise the way we teach, learn and work. Founded in 2016, the Company started in a garage in Semaphore, Adelaide, with the goal of disrupting one of the oldest practices in history — the conventional classroom. With a growing team of over 60 employees, Lumination has served over 2 million customers nationally and is rapidly expanding into the defence, government and enterprise sectors. Increasing access to emerging technologies, Lumination is committed to strengthening the future of the workforce and taking learning to the next level on the world stage. Website: