Sunny Side Up: Going Solar

30th May 2018

Girton Grammar School is soon to become the recipient of the largest Sunergy/LG solar installation in Victoria, with a massive 200kW of power to be generated from panels in the Junior School and Senior School.

Headmaster at Girton Grammar School, Mr Matthew Maruff, said that this investment in the school’s infrastructure would reduce both the school’s electricity bills and its carbon footprint.

“There are many considerations in going solar and we have spent a great deal of time researching the best options for our particular buildings and business.

“Victoria, and especially Bendigo, has abundant solar resource and investing in solar panels became a prudent decision once all factors were taken into account.

“Over 20% of power in the Senior School and 40% of power in the Junior School will be generated by the solar panels once installation is complete.

“The electricity produced by the panels will offset our general consumption of electricity during the day with any excess power being exported back into the grid.

“The panels will be mounted on the Junior School library and the d’Helin Building in Junior School and on The Naunton Family Building in the Senior School.

“We anticipate that it will take about four and a half years to offset the purchase and installation cost of the panels through power bill savings,” Mr Maruff said.

The solar panels at Girton Grammar School will be managed and installed by Sunergy Solar, a family owned business headquartered in Bendigo, using LG components. Sunergy is the only ACCC endorsed Approved Solar Retailer based in Central Victoria and this project will be the largest installation in Victoria by Sunergy, with the next biggest installation being at the Maryborough Hospital where 100kW of energy is generated by solar panels; half the amount generated by the panels that will be installed at Girton. Subject to approval by Powercor, the first installation (100kW) of panels will take place in the forthcoming June school holidays.

“In many ways, Bendigo is ahead of the game when it comes to renewable energy, with initiatives like the proposed Pumped Hydro Project using existing underground mining infrastructure and the Community Power Hub Bendigo.

“It is incumbent on every organisation to do what they can to reduce emissions and we are very pleased to be doing our bit and to be a part of the city’s sustainable future,” Mr Maruff said.