Ruby Makes National Aerobics Team

8th May, 2017

Ruby Conti-Moore (5 Millward) will travel with the Australian Aerodance junior team to compete in the International Aerobic Competition in Phoenix, Arizona in July, having been successful at the recent International Aerobics Trials.

Aerobic gymnastics, or Aerodance, is a competitive sport originating from traditional aerobics in which complex, high intensity movement patterns and elements of varying difficulty are performed to music.

Ruby started competitive Aerobic Gymnastics at the age of 5 with Palmers Gym coached by Sally Moore.

Since that time she has competed at the State level twice, achieving a Gold medal win in 2016 for her individual routine and at the National level twice, winning Silver at the National Championships and Gold  at National Clubs event.

Ruby’s Aerodance team was invited to do a display at the Gymnastics World Championships in March this year at Hisence Arena in Melbourne and Ruby will continue to train with the squad in preparation for the international event in Phoenix.

Good luck Ruby!