Reflections of the Final Year

14th December 2018

Year 12 Girton Grammar School graduate, Harrishman Shobanan, is optimistic about the future, but he says it is the support network around him that has helped him achieve his goals this year.

With the aim of undertaking a Biomedicine degree next year, Harrishman says he is targeting a career in the Biotechnology industry.

“I hope to contribute to society by creating and innovating new treatments and technology, which will help patients in hospitals and clinics,” Harrishman said.

Reflecting on Year 12, Harrishman said he ‘had a blast’ sharing the year with his peers. The combination of people around him has provided a foundation of support to help get him through a busy and productive year. 

“I can’t ignore the many people who have supported me this year and helped me in their own way, including my friends, teachers, House Tutors, and Head of House.

“I have enjoyed how much closer my year level has become and developing new friendships that I never anticipated having.

“Without my parents, I don’t know if I would have been able to get through this year sane and happy. They have faced the brunt of my stress and for them to take it all in and still reassure me and support me has helped me so much,” Harrishman said.

When asked about what tips he would give to future Year 12 students, Harrishman recommended never being stuck behind a desk for more than two hours at a time.

“Make sure to keep yourself and your work schedule organised, and aim to do a bit of exercise.

“Just put in a hard day’s work and you can rest easy knowing you did all that you can for that day, and you’ll be rewarded,” he said.

As one chapter closes, and another begins, Harrishman said his time at school has been transformative in shaping who he is today.

“Girton has offered so many opportunities and I have not regretted taking any of them. A range of opportunities, particularly outside the classroom have helped make me into the person that I am today, and for that I am grateful,” Harrishman said.

Pictured: Harrishman with his younger brother, Aksharan and his parents, Dr Paramapathan Shobanan and Mrs Gayathri Shobanan