Covid-19 Update

23rd March 2020

Girton Grammar School has received notification of a confirmed case of Coronavirus within the Senior School parent community.

Acting Head of Girton Grammar School, Dr Emma O’Rielly said that the school had prepared a Coronavirus Action Plan confirming that the School would follow advice from DHHS in the event that there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the School community.

“Our School community is aware that we have planned from the outset to follow the advice of DHHS and that is what we are now doing.

“A Senior School parent contacted the school last night and confirmed they had a positive diagnosis for the Coronavirus.

“We activated our Action Plan as soon as we were notified and contacted DHHS. Acting on their advice we will not be closing the school today. The family of the infected parent is under DHHS directive to is self-isolate.

“Some parents and staff may choose not to attend School today and we have made it clear that we support and respect whatever decision families make at this time.

“We know we have Year 12 students coming to school to complete SAC tasks today and we have maintained heightened vigilance at the school for some time as regards personal hygiene and monitoring for flu-like symptoms in staff and students.

“In all matters relating to COVID-19, Girton Grammar will follow the advice of DHHS.

“We will continue to monitor the situation, and respond to DHHS, and we will alert our community promptly of any advice that we receive from authorities,” Dr O’Rielly said.

The school will not be providing any public detail about the infected parent at this time to respect patient confidentiality and the privacy of individuals.


25th March 2020 – UPDATE

The Acting Head of Girton Grammar School, Dr Emma O’Rielly, today confirmed that the School has received confirmation that the Girton children of the parent with the confirmed Coronavirus infection have tested negative for the COVID-19 virus.

Dr O’Rielly said: “This excellent news has brought some relief to the family members who are coping well in the circumstances”.