Racing Team Fine Tunes for Singapore

2nd February, 2017




Thanks to a $10,000 grant recently secured by the Girton Racing Team, the School’s purpose built Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV), is being fine-tuned in readiness to compete again on the international stage at the 2017 Shell Eco Marathon in Singapore.


The grant is from the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and the funds will support the team in modifying and shipping the vehicle to compete in Singapore.


Headmaster at Girton Grammar School, Mr Matthew Maruff, said that the Girton Racing Team was thrilled to be competing for the second year in a row on the international stage, and is the only Australian school team to do so.


“The team is currently working on their vehicle in their never ending quest to make it lighter, faster and more efficient.


“The team of students, with assistance from passionate parents and talented teachers in our Technology Department, hope to finish building next week so that the vehicle can be tuned and tested before being shipped to Singapore.


“Another of our Girton EEV teams recently enjoyed its fifth consecutive category win in the RACV Energy Breakthrough event in Maryborough, an indication of the depth of talent in this particular Co-curricular initiative at the School,” he said.


The grant that the team has secured is a Sponsorship Grants for Student Science Engagement and International Competitions, part of the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme, that provides grants to organisations to sponsor eligible students to participate in conferences, competitions and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related events.


“This is such a resourceful group of students. From raising funds and having the technical know-how to build a vehicle from scratch, to working furiously in the pits on race day, they are exceptionally talented and hard working,” Mr Maruff said.


The team puts the final touches on the vehicle they will race in Singapore.