Strictly Ballroom Set to Dazzle at Ulumbarra Theatre

27th May 2022

Girton Grammar School is bringing the colourful and charismatic Baz Luhrmann movie blockbuster, Strictly Ballroom, to the Ulumbarra Theatre in June.

Head of Drama and Production Director, Mrs Mandy Ellison, said that the time was right for an uplifting and fun show.

“Baz Luhrmann once described Strictly Ballroom as a sugary chunk of feelgood fudge, and I could not agree more.

“We are so excited to be back on the Ulumbarra stage, in sequins and feather boas, no less.

“The cast and crew have been working so hard, but our emphasis for this production has been on enjoying every moment and bringing the genuine sense of friendship and fun in rehearsals onto the stage for as many people as possible to soak up.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, and now the influenza virus, continues to affect us by causing cast and crew absences from rehearsals, but the students are working so well as a team that they carry each other along, especially in the chorus dance numbers.

“In many ways, the real-life challenges this production faces reflect those of the main characters the students are depicting. After living small lives, often in isolation, our students are more than ready to ‘resort to their own flashy, crowd-pleasing steps’ as lamented in the show by Australian Dance Federation President, Barry Fife,” Mrs Ellison said

With 42 students on stage and around 20 backstage, students from Year 7 to Year 12 make up the cast and crew of Girton Grammar School’s production of Strictly Ballroom. The show will be supported by a live student orchestra who will provide the music for the racey dance numbers that frequently feature in the production, including the foxtrot, waltz and rumba, and the feature song Love is in the Air. This musical comedy is suitable for all ages and tells the story of a talented ballroom dancer paired with a partner with two left feet. Together they give it their all and find their own way to pursue their dancing dreams.

“I think people feel ready to come together for the pure joy of being entertained, and the Girton production of Strictly Ballroom will be like a balm for many, including our students.

“The costumes are fabulous, the dance sequences fun, there are some hilarious scenes with over-the-top characterisations, and it’s a heartwarming story that will be comfortably familiar to many.

“We can’t wait for the curtain to rise on this production and hope that as many Bendigo families as possible come along to the Ulumbarra Theatre on the evenings of 22, 23 and 24 June,” Mrs Ellison said.

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