Media Statement from the Headmaster



Whilst today has been difficult for the School, and no doubt for Angus McCormack and his family, we wish to thank the large number of people who have reached out in support.

We wish to confirm the following:

  • That Angus was not “commanded to leave” (as expressed on Facebook) our Foundation Day church service. Angus left immediately after being told that he was not appropriately attired. There was no opportunity for discussion so that this issue might play out differently. This is a deeply regrettable situation.
  • That the School has previously contacted Chris and Angus McCormack and we are still trying to contact both Chris and Angus to talk this issue through with them, privately.
  • That this is an issue of dress code, not of sexual discrimination.
  • Irrespective of any personal judgement regarding Angus’ attire on the night, which is in itself subjective, he was not wearing what was requested by the School as appropriate attire for a guest of a Board member for our Foundation Day church service.
  • On a personal level, given my relationship with Angus and his father, I am profoundly sorry this situation has occurred.


Matthew F. Maruff