Holi Walsh Wins OGA Scholarship

Holi Walsh (12 Millward) is described by one of her referees as uncommonly kind and gentle as well as encouraging of everyone with whom she has contact. These are just some of the reasons that she has been awarded the 2015 OGA Departing Girtonian Scholarship.

Holi started at Girton Grammar in Year 7 and right from Year 7 camp, says she grew in confidence and felt safe and supported.

“I am truly appreciative of what the school has given me. So many people, both teachers and friends, have had such an impact on me,” Holi said.

Holi has a string of school awards, mostly academic, but says that her top 2 Girton moments were being elected as Debating Captain and being involved in costume design for the Senior School Production this year.

She says that one of the main lessons she will take away with her from school is to take every opportunity that is offered.

“I have learnt to extend myself and try new things and have been endlessly encouraged to do so at Girton,” she said.

Holi is extremely insightful and somewhat wise beyond her years. When asked about how to balance individual drive with an equal amount of compassion she replied that; “…ambition without compassion can be selfish, while compassion without any ambition can struggle to escape the confines of mere good intentions.”

Holi hopes to study Journalism at La Trobe Bundoora next year and we wish her all the very best as she moves away from home and follows her ambitions.