Miss Kristy Nicholls

Kristy NICHOLLSLife before Girton

  • Attended Castlemaine Secondary College
  • Held at least one part time job from the age of 14 years and 9 months
  • Had a 3 year gap year working at the Bendigo Bank and various local Accounting firms
  • Studied Bachelor of Teaching – Latrobe University Bendigo
  • Studied Bachelor of Education – Latrobe University Bendigo
  • Gained my first teaching position as Teacher of Mathematics at Flora Hill Secondary School
  • Moved to the NT and gained employment as a Distance Education Teacher at Katherine School of the Air
  • Gained Certificate IV in Fitness, and become a Les Mills Certified Instructor of BodyPump and RPM
  • Became a fitness instructor taking group fitness classes as a casual.
  • Moved back to Victoria and became a Teaching and Learning Coach for the Department of Education
  • Currently at Girton Grammar School as a Teacher of Mathematics

What I Love about Teaching

Teaching is a very demanding, yet rewarding career. The relationships you build with the students can make or break a student’s view on you, your subject area and your class. They can also make or break you as a teacher! I pride myself on building strong positive relationships with students and ensure parents are informed of daily lessons, upcoming dates and events via Astra News.

What do you like best about the subjects you teach?

I love Mathematics as a subject. I am a logical thinker and like to follow rules and formulas. Mathematics is used in everyday life, and the problem solving skills involved are transferrable and valuable to any prospective employer.

My favourite classroom activity

I don’t necessarily have a favourite classroom activity, but I enjoy bringing humour into the classroom, and ensuring even dry content can be made more enjoyable with enthusiasm.

What difference can good teaching make?

I’ve said it before, but it’s all about building positive relationships. When students respect you, and realise that you respect them, that’s when they are willing to put their heart and soul into a subject. Obviously students have subjects they enjoy more than others, but in saying that, a teacher can certainly have a huge influence on this.

Other Hats

My Co-Curricular Activity is group fitness. I run a low weight, high repetition class for a small group of students to help them improve their strength and muscular endurance. We also mix it up with spin classes and core classes.

Outside of school, water skiing is my passion and takes up every spare second I have. I have been skiing since I was 3 years old, and also became involved in waterski racing around 15 years ago. I have encountered many highs and lows throughout my ski racing career, but I genuinely love it and will continue to race as long as my body allows me.