Girton Netballers take on Asia

A group of 21 Girton Grammar netball players will travel to Singapore and Malaysia on a 10 day netball tour, playing a series of games against local schools.

Acting Head of Girton Grammar School, Mrs Robyn MacCulloch, said that Girton will field three netball teams for the Asian tour with students ranging from Year 7 to Year 12.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our girls to put themselves to the test against some very fine netball teams.

“The games will be ‘friendlies’ but, knowing the caliber of netballers that both Singapore and Malaysia are turning out, the matches will be hotly contested.

“Our teams have been training hard and are looking forward to experiencing the sport that they love in another country,” Mrs MacCulloch said.

The three Girton Grammar netball teams will depart for Singapore during the School holidays on Monday 29th June and return on Thursday 9th July. They will play 2 games in Singapore and 3 games in Kuala Lumpur. Recent netball tours of this kind have taken place in New Zealand and Brisbane.

“Netball is a very popular sport at Girton, perhaps partly because one of the current national champions, Caitlyn Thwaites, is a past student and also because of the highly skilled coaches and fine facilities that we have.

“This overseas trip will provide a wonderful cultural and sporting exchange between netball-loving nations, as well as some well-earned recreation for staff and players,” Mrs MacCulloch said.