Careers Up in the Air

6th March 2019

Students from Years 9 to 12 from Girton Grammar School today virtually took to the skies, when the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) visited the school to give immersive flying lessons with instructors inside a Super Hornet simulator.

Current RAAF personnel shared their first hand experiences of careers in aviation and non-aviation roles including roles in mission aircrew, mission control and piloting.

Head of Student Futures at Girton Grammar School, Mr Rod Knowles, said that this opportunity would open young minds up to career options beyond more traditional choices.

“Preparing for the workplace of the future can be daunting for young people so we are committed to matching student strengths and passions to their preferred future so that they can thrive in their career and in life.

“We aim to expose students to as many career options as possible. From as early as Year 10, students are making decisions through subject selection that begin to pave their future educational and vocational pathways.

“The visit from the Air Force will be one of several that students will receive from experts in various industries and coupled with classes devoted to careers advice, our students are well informed of the myriad workplace options ahead of them,” Mr Knowles said.

The Air Force Simulator Experience is an Air Force funded motivation program aiming to increase awareness and develop interest amongst young people in aviation careers. The day entails several classroom activities including a virtual reality experience, a Super Hornet simulator, Air Traffic Control games and demonstrations of aircrew life support equipment.

“There are many career options within the RAAF and the Air Force Simulator Experience is a fun and informative way to introduce students to some exciting options.

“With the expansion this year of the RMIT flight training school into Bendigo, and Qantas’ announcement late last year, confirming the airline would begin Bendigo-Sydney flights from March, this experience is more relevant than ever for our students.

“Girton Grammar School has a comprehensive three-year support program that helps students to make choices about their future.

“Career advice is founded on genuine strengths identified through aptitude testing as well as relevant skills and realistic personal preferences,” Mr Knowles said.