Languages in Year 7

Current Girton students in Junior School do NOT submit an expression of interest as their current teacher will advise on their chosen class for Year Seven.

Please complete the form below if your child wishes to do advanced languages in Year 7:

As part of the Year Seven curriculum, classes are offered in French and Japanese at different levels:

Standard, Advanced or Extension.  The Advanced and Extension classes are not for complete beginners because they assume prior study in Primary School.  This streaming continues to operate until the end of Year Ten.  Students from all streams are able to continue the language at the VCE level but studying Advanced or Extension will be an advantage in the final years of study.  Students can move from one group to the other during Years 7-10, according to academic results and consistent dedication to the subject.

The final composition of the Year Seven classes will be decided by the School, based on previous results and comments by current teachers.  Students in Year Six at Girton this year will be tested in class in Term Four. Students new to Girton will be placed in the Standard class at the beginning of Term One.  Some exceptions will be made for students who can demonstrate prior knowledge.

The Advanced class will assume prior knowledge of the following:

  • Some Personal description
  • Days of the week / Months of the year
  • Numbers up to 20
  • Some domestic animals
  • Some Greetings
  • Some classroom instructions / classroom objects
  • Simple descriptions of house and bedroom.

The continuation of students in the Advanced and Extension classes will be dependent upon their academic results and level of commitment at the completion of each Semester.

Should you wish your child (new to Girton) to be considered for the Advanced or Extension classes, please express your interest by completing the form below.  The cut-off date for expressions of interest is listed above.

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