VCE Student Says Be Yourself

15th December 2017

Jameson Crawford has just finished VCE at Girton Grammar School and describes the journey as a marathon best tackled by being yourself.

“I think it’s important to keep doing the things that are important to you; whether it be sport, music, drama productions, or any other activity, your hobbies are what keeps you engaged.

“The key to success in VCE is to retain balance in your life. Don’t lock yourself in your room each night, but also don’t just party every weekend,” he said.

Jameson has studied Global Politics, Accounting, English Language, Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematics and Business Management and hopes to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne next year.

He says that the support of friends and family has made all the difference to his VCE journey.

“I am so grateful for the support of my family and everything that they have done for me over my schooling life.

“I have also enjoyed a really supportive Year 12 cohort. The cohesion between the year level has been amazing, and made the year so enjoyable,” he said.

Jameson said that all of his teachers this year had played a role in getting him through a busy but enjoyable final year of school.

“Every teacher I have had has been amazing and they are all to be thanked for the results and the understanding I have achieved in each of my subjects.

“We are all genuinely cared for by our teachers, and each student treats VCE like a job, where everyone is aware of their end goal, and what they need to do to achieve it.

“My favourite Year 12 teacher would have to be Mrs Stewart, my Accounting teacher. She definitely knows how to make class enjoyable, and take away from the stress of Year 12 life,” he said.

Jameson took to the stage for this year’s Senior School production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Capital Theatre and said it provided the most memorable moment of the year for him.

“There was such a feeling of joy knowing all the hard months of work and practice had finally paid off, and the audience cheering us on was so amazing; it was a moment of real euphoria,” he said.

Below: Jameson Crawford with his mother, Linda, sister and Old Girtonian, Claudia and father, Michael.