Success at Maryborough

25th November 2019


The Girton Racing Team (GRT) has achieved incredible results at the 2019 Maryborough Energy Breakthrough event.

Thirty-eight students, five staff members and many parent helpers, headed to Maryborough early on Friday morning on 22nd November and took part in the unique program that sees all teams compete across the weekend in three areas of assessment: Design and Construction, Display and Presentation and Trials.

For the eighth consecutive year, the Girton Racing Team (Team Xception) won the Single Power Source, Electric, category, and for the third consecutive year the team won the overall event.  Their vehicle featured a new telemetry onboard computer system designed by Old Girtonian, Mr Lucas Kirby. The system monitors battery output, usage and driver/rider efficiency. This exciting technological development is looking to be installed in all vehicles from all schools competing in the Single Power Source race categories.

Girton Racing Team results were as follows:

Single Power Source, Electric, Team Xception (Year 10 and Year 12, made up of long-serving members of the GRT, including single female Grace Morrall)

First Place – Design and Construction

First Place – 24 hr category win

First Place – Overall event win (second year running)

Hybrid, Pedal / Electric, Team In-X.S (New trike and first-time entry in this class – Year 9, 10 and 11 students, mix of three boys and three girls)

First Place – Design and Construction

Fourth Place – Overall event

HPV Secondary, Mixed, Team Intimidate (Year 7, 8 and 9 students, some in their first 24hr event)

Ninth place – 24 hr race (A wonderful effort from this very young and inexperienced team, who placed in the top 10 of 25 entrants in their category.)

HPV Secondary, Female, Team In-Perfection (Year 7, 9, 10 and 11 female students)

Sixth place – 24 hr race (An excellent result from a quality field of 13 teams)

HPV Secondary, Open, Team In-Sync (All boys team from Year 8, 9 and 10 competing against much older students)

Ninth place – 24 hr race (An incredible effort to make it into the Top 10 against very strong teams of much older riders from 23 teams)


Special thanks to:

  • Year 7 and 8 boys assigned duties in the pits, with catering and running errands.
  • The wonderful GRT families for their support and enthusiasm for this, and many other events.
  • Mr Dave Stone, whose family took part in their final GRT event at Maryborough. Mr Stone was a founding member of the GRT and we are immensely thankful for his support over many years.
  • Mr Robin Kirby, Mr Lucas Kirby and Mr Andrew Turpie were all instrumental to success on the day and to the ongoing development and maintenance of the GRT.