Students Sharpen Their Wits

12th October 2018

Three teams of Girton Grammar students will be challenged in a three-hour lockdown as well as being given a problem to solve on the spot, using role play and teamwork at the National Finals of the Tournament of Minds competition to be held in Darwin tomorrow.

Headmaster of Girton Grammar School, Mr. Matthew Maruff, said that for the fifth consecutive year, Girton Grammar School had successfully qualified to compete nationally in the competition of sharp wit and creativity.

“Tournament of Minds is a hugely popular co-curricular activity at Girton, with over 60 students involved from Year 4 to Year 10.

“As our lives become less predictable and information so readily available, Tournament of Minds provides a wonderful platform for students to test their impromptu thinking.

“Competitors are challenged with a complex problem and given a limited amount of time to present a solution in a way that both entertains and informs the judges.

“Spontaneity is a wonderful life skill that is nurtured through this challenging and entertaining activity,” Mr. Maruff said.

This year is the second year running that any school has won more than two of the four categories of competition in the State Finals, with Girton achieving this feat in 2017 and 2018. Tournament of Minds is an international competition open to students from Year 4 to Year 10 and involves presenting solutions to spontaneous problems. The four categories of problems are The Arts, STEM, Language Literature and Social Sciences. The Primary STEM, Secondary STEM, and the Secondary Social Science teams from Girton Grammar School are competing in the Nationals in Darwin tomorrow against teams from all over Australia, South Africa, and Thailand.

“We wish our students well as they participate in the national Tournament of Minds competition and look forward to the growth in confidence and problem solving that the students will acquire through their participation in this wonderful competition,” Mr. Maruff said.