Red Shield Appeal is Back!

3rd May 2021

After a digital door knock in 2020, the Salvation Army today launched the return of their annual Red Shield Appeal doorknock at Girton Grammar School, which has supported Salvation Army fundraising for more than twenty-eight years and raised more than $250,000.

Speaking at the Bendigo launch of the 2021 appeal, Head of Girton Grammar School, Dr Clayton Massey, said students were encouraged to look beyond their own needs and support those less fortunate than themselves.

“Through participation in events such as the Red Shield Appeal, community service is an entrenched part of the Girton journey, shaping a solid culture of students who are empowered to realise their potential as citizens of a global village.

“This year’s door knock appeal is more important than ever, with more people facing financial instability, job losses, and other fallouts from COVID-19.

“Girton supported the digital door knock last year, but students are very keen to get back to the strong tradition of proudly wearing their school uniform on a Sunday morning in May and playing their part in helping vulnerable Australians,” Dr Massey said.

Each year Girton students typically knock on doors in seventy areas around Bendigo and Castlemaine, with around 300 students walking their local streets. The school has established a unique digital tool, especially for the annual event, allowing students to sign-up online in a targeted area to avoid overlap in fundraising efforts. In 2015 and 2017, Girton Grammar School raised more money for the Red Shield Appeal than any other Victorian school.

“We are thrilled to host the regional launch of the Salvation Army’s signature fundraiser this year.

“We recognise that Girton Grammar is a significant pillar in the City of Bendigo, and we actively play our part in strengthening the local community through a range of community partnerships, including with the Salvation Army.

“We look forward to our long and proud association with the annual door knock event continuing and to supporting services around Bendigo such as youth drop-in centres, homeless shelters and family welfare assistance,” Dr Massey said.