Out of the Classroom into the Lab

In a bid to get students to study science through to Year 12, especially Physics, a program called Growing (Junior) Tall Poppies in Science (www.coecxs.org), has been developed to allow students and teachers to work alongside scientists using cutting edge research facilities.

Sacha Mann is in Year 11 at Girton Grammar School and is one of only 10 students in Victoria to be accepted into the program and granted access to an eminent Scientist/Mathematician who will be connected to the school throughout 2015.

Headmaster at Girton Grammar School, Matthew Maruff, said that teachers need ways of exciting young science students.

Sacha-Mann_physics-1“This means having the techniques, training and facilities in place to support an engaging and modern curriculum.

“The science lab is where the real learning happens – it’s where the theory is put into practice and where the magic of science imprints on a young person’s mind forever.

“We are so proud that Sacha will collaborate with scientists on their current research to develop activities that will promote science,” he said.

Sacha was selected for the Growing (Junior) Tall Poppies program for her academic excellence and passion for science and maths along with her capacity to communicate science to her immediate and broader community. She will be accompanied by 5 other Girton students next year in a week-long immersion program where students will work with scientists to formulate inquiry-based questions and experiments and then publish the results.

“This is a great opportunity for Sacha and her peers to have a really authentic science experience and to appreciate science beyond the classroom.

“The program will allow the school to develop contacts with industry scientists and for students to get a good idea of what a career in science looks like,” Mr Maruff said.
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