Headmaster’s Welcome

At its core, learning is about change, it is about relationships and connections, and it is within this context that my professional and personal motivation is framed. My own belief is that education is a way to liberate and empower, to provide leadership to the broader society and produce wise and prudent adults.

A Head cannot teach every class in the school! As Headmaster my role is to use and develop professional knowledge and values, communicate, interact and work with students and others, plan and manage the teaching and learning process, monitor and assess student progress and learning outcomes, reflect, evaluate and plan for continuous improvement. This is a daunting list of jobs and impossible for one person. Underpinning all of the above, Girton is a thriving, caring school family, which has shared values and a great emphasis on the communal dimensions of life.

This is why I have every confidence in the staff of Girton Grammar School. In concert, we can create and sustain a vision of excellence for Girton with an eye to existing traditions, but cognisant of a future which holds profound challenges, and as many opportunities, for the young people in our care.

Each girl and boy at Girton Grammar School is afforded and is uncompromisingly expected to afford, the greatest respect and decency to others. They must take the gift of a first-rate education and use it to enact positive social change. Or, put another way, they must act for the good when the prevailing culture gives them every reason not to. “Words sound but example thunders.”

Welcome to Girton Grammar School Bendigo.

Mr Matthew Maruff