Ms Rachel London

Life before Girton
In 2010 I began teaching violin and viola, whilst I was studying a Bachelor of Music at Monash University. This degree was successfully completed at the end of 2014. During my time at Monash, I was fortunate to complete a number of Musicology based subjects that allowed me to explore a range of subjects from string pedagogy, music history, to music archiving. I enjoy learning from many different areas of music, to build and develop my understanding of music, to provide students with a high quality music education.

What I Love about Teaching
The school environment and school community within Girton provides staff, students and families with a supportive and motivational area to learn. I love teaching because I see how much enjoyment students achieve from learning a musical instrument, from making new friends, developing new skills and having fun. Students and staff alike, are always supportive and encouraging of each other and it creates a great environment to work and learn in.

What difference can good teaching make?
Good teaching can positively influence students in many ways. By creating a fun and safe learning environment, good teaching will act to motivate students to learn and to achieve their best. To have a go, and to challenge themselves. Music students learn instruments for many different reasons, and teaching them according to their goals assists in the development of their learning. I aim to keep a positive environment where students feel that they can have fun, whilst they work hard to achieve their goals. This makes sure that they are enjoying their work and they look to achieve their goals.

Other Hats
I am involved with a number of co-curricular activities including Christopher Field Strings, Poco Strings and the Year 8 String Quartet. Each of these ensembles provide students with the opportunity to play in an ensemble situation, which equips students with valuable playing experience, along with the opportunity to play with other music students.

Outside of work, my passions are playing violin and viola to further improve and develop my own playing skills. During my time at Monash University, I was able to complete a research project on beginner string programs in schools. I enjoy researching and building my knowledge base, to continually develop my teaching style and methods.