Ms Michelle Rey

Michelle REYLife before Girton

I qualified in 1986 from Deakin University (Ballarat) with a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Physical Education with a minor in Humanities.

In 1994 I completed a Bachelor of Education Primary Conversion course through Deakin University (Burwood).

1987- CRT and extended CRT in Ballarat and Portland as PE teacher and general secondary classes.

2 years as a Physical Education and Health teacher at Sancta Sophia Girls School, Glenroy

1991 – 1999. CRT in Alexandra Region including Outdoor Education with the various outdoor groups including OEG, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar and Rubicon School camp.

I have also taught in a one teacher school with 30 children, and a two teacher school with 45 children.

When I wasn’t teaching I cleaned at a Nursing Home, gutted trout at a fish farm and was a receptionist at a Doctor’s Surgery.

What I Love about Teaching

I have taught in more schools than I can count and I can honestly say that Girton Grammar School has been and continues to be the best educational facility I have been part of. Girton allows me to concentrate on teaching and building relationships with the children.

The two things I love about teaching are:

  1. Inspiring students to grow in knowledge, confidence and skills.
  2. I love the energy the children give me and the relationships that are developed.

What do you like best about the year level you teach?

In Year Four the students take their independence to another level.  They move over with the ‘big’ kids and are encouraged to develop their independence with greater teacher expectations.  They begin formal science in the Science Lab and take greater responsibility for their own learning with individual research projects in Humanities and the Old ‘Show and Tell’ becoming ‘Teach and Tell’.

I feel that the children most enjoy their new independence and a feeling that they have more choices in their education.  They also enjoy the involvement of parents in the many opportunities offered.

My favourite classroom activity

My favourite classroom activity usually involves the hands on learning activities. The children enjoy times tables games, the hands on spelling activities and the Mad Maths math’s rotations. I certainly feel this is what the children most enjoy.

The children enjoy the fun, laughs and competition. They learn in a fun environment and can see that learning happens even when they are playing. Learning comes in all shapes and sizes.

What difference can good teaching make?

A successful student in Year Four is one that is interested in the subjects taught. They are active in class discussions and are happy to present opinions in a class forum. They participate actively in all class activities showing good sportsmanship and a sense of fairness.  They are a good role model for dedication and application to work. They have compassion and are encouraging of others.

I believe that the children benefit from my sense of fun. They also benefit from my interesting lessons that are offered to the children to learn and develop. I also hope they benefit from my genuine interest in getting to know them and their individual differences.

Other Hats

I have been involved in the basketball co curriculum for my entire time at Girton. I have been manager of up to 3 teams each season, both summer and winter.

I run an origami club one lunch time a week, for Year Four to Six students.


I am managing the Junior School sports shed and just completed a year running assemblies with my colleague Kristina Turner.


Outside of work, I love to walk, go camping, travel and read.


I am passionate about helping others and at the moment I sponsor a lady in Afghanistan to go to school, sponsor a little boy in Ecuador and sponsor Doctors without Borders. I hope in years to come, to work in a humanitarian role with children.


I am also passionate about teaching and my own beautiful 3 boys.