Mrs Lucy Warfe

Life before Girton

Attended Girton year Prep to Year 12, graduated in 2003

  • 2004 au pair in London
  • 2005-2007 Bachelor of outdoor education – Latrobe Bendigo
  • 2008 Graduate diploma in education – outdoor ed, psychology, geography
  • 2004-2009 Assistant head coach at Palmer’s Gym
  • 2009 Canoe instructor and group leader – Pripstein’s Camp Mishmar, Quebec, Canada.
  • 2009-2010 CRT at London schools. Half year placement at Mora Primary School Cricklewood, London.

What I Love about Teaching
Student / Teacher interaction, constant action, inspiring supportive colleagues in my department.

Keeps me creative – have to make sure my teaching is interesting and engaging to keep the spark alive

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?
I’m passionate about the outdoors, about sustaining our environment, about sharing and allowing others to become familiar with our local Australian environment. I am able to share my knowledge and experiences in beautiful Victorian landscapes. I encourage others to recognise what’s around them, connect with their environment, to experience new surroundings, to become self-sufficient campers and budding outdoor leaders, eager to share in the wonders of their environments. I trains students to grow personally, to push their limits, to become comfortable in the outdoors…

Students should choose this subject if they’re interested in learning more about what I mentioned above.  Outdoor education is life education, is life learning, is getting back to bare essentials, is appreciating the little things, its taking a step back from the hustle of life, creating your own world view, finding where you fit within your surroundings…

What do you like best about the year level you teach? (Year 10 Outdoor Education)
The change from first class to last class in this year is extraordinary. Students become confident and able to look after themselves, they recognise their capabilities. They broaden their worldview, they become aware of what’s around them, their influence on the environment, and their important role in preserving the environment for the future. Without technology!

Camps are the highlight – experiential learning is so important when connecting to theory. Students are fully able to understand concepts on a deeper level, with hands on experiences.

My favourite classroom activity
As mentioned above – experiential is the key

What difference can good teaching make?
Good teachers and positive experiences can change a student’s goals in life. Being a teacher who shares life experiences, is open and honest and real with students – allows students to explore their future possibilities without pressure or expectation.

A successful student of mine, respects and recognises the past, is aware of their surroundings, their actions and how they may impact the future, on both small and large scales.

Other Hats
I am involved in Netball as a co-curricular activity and I am passionate about sustainability and gardening, growing local produce – I hope to make it a co-curricular activity one day.