Mrs Vivienne McMillan

Viv MCMILLANLife before Girton

After completing a Bachelor of Science Education at the University of Melbourne I accepted my first teaching position at St. Mary of the Angels Secondary College in Nathalia. I also taught at St. Columba’s College, Essendon, before commencing at Girton Grammar School in 1999.

What I Love about Teaching

There is no job more exciting than teaching. Teaching is never dull, every day is different to the day before, and you have to constantly think on your feet. It’s such a privilege to work with the young people of Girton Grammar School. They are enthusiastic and keen to learn and share ideas. Building positive relationships with students is always rewarding.

What I love about teaching Science, Mathematics and Numeracy

Science and Mathematics develop skills that young people will need in the future. They ask questions and look for answers. Observing, predicting, investigating and exploring; they will use their knowledge to solve problems and help others.

My favourite classroom activity

One of my favourite Science activities in Year Eight is the dissection of a sheep’s heart. The students enjoy locating the vessels, chambers and valves in the heart. They are surprised how different a real heart is compared to a diagram. When they finish the dissection I ask if they could sew it back together-like a heart surgeon. Many of them are keen to have a go!

What difference can good teaching make?

Students enjoy learning and they aren’t afraid to make mistakes. They work co-operatively as members of a team, which includes their teachers, and they respect and appreciate differences in other people. Good teaching helps young people mature and develop their talents and ideas.

Other Hats

Basketball is a great co-curricular activity to join. As a manager I enjoy being part of a team with the players and coaches. Team sports build confidence and resilience. The players learn how to work as a team, accepting decisions and understanding that everyone has different abilities. Basketball is a fast-paced and exciting sport to play and watch.