Mrs Trish Timmins

Trish TIMMINSLife before Girton:

  • Ballarat High School: (1989 – 2001) Classroom Music & Drama
  • Castlemaine Secondary College: (2002 – 2011)  Classroom Music, Instrumental Music (Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass), English, Music Co-Ordinator.
  • Girton Grammar: (2012 – )  MiC Strings, Instrumental teacher in Violin/Viola (Yr.2 – Yr.12), Ensemble Director Christopher Field Strings & String Orchestra,  BASS Strings Tutor, Strings Tutor for Symphony Orchestra, VCE String Quartet & Yr.7/8 String Quartet Tutor, Yr.2 Strings Program Tutor.

What I Love about Teaching

The best things about teaching at Girton are:

  • Having the opportunity to teach students from Yr.2 through to Yr.12.  Watching the progress and growth of the younger students through their time at Girton is very rewarding.
  • Directing various ensembles at both Junior & Senior levels, e.g. Directing Yr.3 & 4 String Orchestra and then Senior String Orchestra! How lucky am I!!
  • Teaching with incredibly talented and passionate teachers who are like minded. There is always the opportunity to discuss and explore different ways of teaching. There is a very strong work ethic within the music department.
  • Being guided by positive and supportive leaders both within the music department and the broader school environment.
  • Feeling valued as a professional teacher.

What do you like best about the year level you teach?

  • I enjoying experimenting with new repertoire with my junior students.
  • The many performance opportunities available to my students.
  • Having the opportunity to teach students in an individual or group lesson.  This allows for personalised learning and guidance.
  • The vast array of co-curricular activities that we can offer our students.

What difference can good teaching make?

What a difference good teaching makes!

  • Good teaching can engage students in activities that they would normally not feel capable of doing.
  • Good teaching encourages students to find a better way of learning.
  • Good teaching encourages students to ask questions and to help them find answers.
  • Good teaching can be seen in happy, passionate and vibrant students.
  • Good teaching equals happy and passionate teachers as well!

Other Hats

Getting up ridiculously early each morning to exercise! Whether it be a morning jog, a DVD session with Michelle Bridges telling me to work harder, a gentle swim session in the pool or a cycle to Guildford begrudgingly!!
I love pushing myself in competing in half marathons!!