Mrs Sharon Monaghan

Life before Girton

Qualifications: Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education

Taught at:

  • Ouyen SC
  • Manangatang P-12 College
  • Mooroopna SC

Cockatoo Newsagency, owner

What I Love about Teaching

Teaching is a profession that keeps your mind active, allowing you to be a lifelong learner. Each year new students enter your life, allowing you to interact with another group of young minds.

I love teaching because it is a delight to see the ‘light bulb’ moment when a student understands what you have been teaching them.

Teaching at Girton allows you to interact with dedicated students who aim to achieve at a high level.

What do you like best about the subject/s you teach?

The man ignorant of mathematics will be increasingly limited in his grasp of the main forces of civilization.
-John Kemeny

Mathematics is a fundamental part of our society. It allows us to solve problems, design and construct objects etc – in other words we need mathematics in every facet of our lives.

Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Science is also a fundamental part of our society. We are faced with problems and we are able to solve them (in the name of science).

My favourite classroom activity

Create-a-child. In this activity, students are provided with a list of genetic features. By tossing a coin, they decide whether their ‘baby’ will have a dominant or a recessive feature. Students compare the different features of their ‘baby’ to other ‘babies’ to gain an understanding of genetics and variation.

What difference can good teaching make?

A teacher is a role model for their students. Good teachers have high expectations of their students and are passionate about their specialist area. They aim to try to instill this passion in their students. When students say ‘I can’t,’ a good teacher is always there to say ‘yes you can.’ A good teacher needs to see the potential in a student and try to develop this. Even for highly academic students, a teacher is needed to encourage them to try harder and to keep persevering.  Putting 100% into everything you do can help you succeed in all aspects of your life.

Other Hats

I started up the Z Club at Girton. This aimed to help disadvantaged women and children both locally, nationally and internationally. I was MiC.

I was also MiC of Equestrian.

I am now involved in the volleyball co-curricular activity, looking after a Year Nine Girls team.

Outside of Girton – extensively involved in Equestrian, specifically Showing. (daughters compete).

I also enjoy gardening and reading.