Mrs Kristie Woodward

Kristie WOODWARDLife before Girton

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management and spent many hours sampling the near shore fish communities in South Western Australia to learn about their importance as nursery areas and the impact of seaweed collection from the beaches on the survival of the young fish there.

My first year of teaching in 2009 was at Rochester Secondary College, teaching Maths and Science. I then came to Girton for a Long Service Leave replacement position in my second year of teaching. My role has changed slightly over the years and I am now thoroughly enjoying the challenge of teaching Drama and Science to Junior School students.

What I Love about Teaching

  • No two days are ever the same- there’s always a fresh way of teaching and learning something.
  • I love helping students to reach their potential and develop confidence in their ability.

What is the best thing about teaching at Girton?

I love the many and varied opportunities for students at Girton that the teachers also are involved in. This includes sporting events, music performances and, especially so for me, the School Production.

What do you like best about the year level you teach?

I teach Science to all Year 4-6 students once a week. The students are excited to learn something new each lesson and really enjoy the hands on approach that Junior School Science offers. I like to be able to help students at this age have an informed view of the planet they live in and how they can make a positive impact whoever, wherever they are.

I also teach Drama to all Year 3-6 students once a week. Students love the flexibility and creativity that Drama lessons offer them. Drama lessons include playing theatre games that build spontaneity and confidence. Students create their own stories, prepare costumes or puppets and rehearse with peers to perform to an audience. I love watching their ideas come forward and their self- confidence increase throughout the process. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a great performance from students and I’m truly grateful to be able to help facilitate that.

My favourite classroom activity

The Year 6 students love making a solar boat in Science and racing them against each other. They have to work together with their team members to construct the boat, connect the simple circuitry and make necessary changes on the day for the best race time.

What do you feel your students get out of this activity?

They get to apply their knowledge of solar panels and buoyancy in a fun and competitive situation. It’s really pleasing for them to see what they have learnt has a simple, yet very important, application.

What difference can good teaching make?

Students who have developed the passion for the subjects I teach can then carry that enthusiasm into their Senior School years.

What attributes of your own do you hope your students benefit from?

I hope students work hard to achieve their best. I hope they are persistent and always look for new and improved ways to do something. I hope they know their place in the world and are mindful of the impact of their lives on other people and the planet.

Other Hats

  • I assist with Actor’s Studio (Junior School).
  • I am MiC of Junior School Production.
  • I run the Junior School Garden Club, which is part of Girton’s Science Co-Curriculum.

What are your passions or hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy cooking at home for my family and friends and I regularly volunteer to cook for camps in school holidays and on weekends. I am a coffee barista and I love making my morning coffee at home.

I love singing and acting and I really enjoy being involved in local theatre productions here in Bendigo. I am lucky enough to be cast in Mary Poppins this year.